Rebecca Farr – Food Enthusiast

Food has been a large part of my life since I was young. In my early teens, I took on the role of main cook in the house. I enjoyed experimentation and never felt intimidated by the ingredients that I came across. From the one-pot-wonders, to the lurid and wonky birthday cakes that I foisted onto unsuspecting friends and family – cooking was it for me.

In Brisbane, I began my journey in the world of commercial cookery.  Italian, Modern Australian, Chinese, Japanese, Pub Grub, Thai, French, Vietnamese – the exposure to cuisines and the ingredients that accompany them in Australia is outstanding. From beer garden to fine dining, home cooking to large scale catering – I enjoyed every moment of it, as both a cook and chef.

I looked forward to expanding my creativity in what I hoped to be a more family friendly career, with a dual degree at university in my sights. My first son arrived towards the end of my undergraduate career, making it a difficult journey, but not at all hopeless. I transitioned to front of house and supervisory roles in order to help manage my now busy schedule. Acquiring majors in marketing and business and a minor in events management, I was awarded positions in Brisbane with a small PR firm as a Public Relations Officer, and subsequently an IT consulting firm as a Marketing and Events Assistant. Both positions allowed me to increase my knowledge and skills in public relations, market research, sponsorship, social media, marketing, and events.

Early 2013, a move to Sydney was on the cards for our small family. A bigger city with bigger opportunities, however smaller childcare vacancies, left me in a unique position to examine the terrain and reflect on where I had come from. I enjoyed the time I had with my son, and started a Sydney families group which grew to over 200 family members.

My son began school in 2014, and I re-entered the working world for the first time in over a year, as a Marketing Manager with a revolutionary iPad indie gaming magazine start-up. There, I built upon my knowledge and gathered new skills in Search Engine Optimisation and App Store Optimisation, Digital Marketing, and learnt how to utilise news aggregators and forums for promotional and marketing purposes.

My second son arrived in 2015 – an unexpected joy.  I took a step back from working once again and put myself into volunteer work at my eldest son’s school towards the end of my pregnancy. I have been class parent for two years and I was one of the main organisers for my son’s school Centenary Carnival. I also worked alongside a team of parents that put together a Centenary Cookbook for the school, where I edited, tested and contributed recipes, in addition to putting together a sponsorship proposal for local businesses to be involved with the production.

I have always stayed true to my passion for cooking and dining over the years. I have enjoyed blogging about restaurants, events, recipes and more, on two sites – Bytes of Brisbane (retired) and Savouring Sydney. I am currently blogging a year long journey of 52 cuisines for 2017 on Savouring Sydney – which you will find yourself on right now. It has been challenging, fun, and delicious.

The Dinner Ladies would be a perfect fit for me, and I for you. I have the skills, education  and work experience required to be a fantastic new product development coordinator and recipe tester. I look forward to hearing back from you soon, and invite you to reach out to me if I can provide you any further information.

Please follow this link for a more detailed resume.


Bon Appétit,

Rebecca Farr