An evening at Project Botanicals ~ Sydney

‘Project Botanicals is an interactive paired cocktail and dining experience designed to tantalise your tastebuds.’

The evening had been put together by Bombay Sapphire and the Botanic Gardens Restaurant, showcasing beverages from some of the best cocktail bars across Sydney.

After a short stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens, you come across the beautifully illuminated pop-up gin bar. The gin cocktails and antipasto boxes are flowing. Really wishing we had gotten here earlier at this stage, since we had just enough time to order a drink and head upstairs to the interactive restaurant session.


On arrival, the ambience takes you in immediately. There are interactive spice scent stalls, greenery is hanging from every corner of the roof, a DJ spins immersive tunes in the corner, and the room is filled with the familiar blue hue of a Bombay Sapphire bottle.

The cocktails were potent and flavoursome, as were many of the dishes on the Project Botanicals menu.

Half the fun of this evening was definitely the play factor. Each of the tables had its own botanical flavour station. The station was comprised of a range of flavour enhancements that you could add to cocktails and dishes as you wished.

The matched cocktails and dishes were hit-and-miss (more hit than miss), but the overall concept and ambience of the event were spectacular. If Project Botanicals comes to Sydney again next year, I’ll definitely be booking my tickets to this event.







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