Chaos Cafe ~ Neutral Bay

IMAG1745This bright splash of colour is tucked between Military Road and Grosvenor Lane (access via Grosvenor near the Woolworths front public carpark). Chaos Cafe is serving up reasonably priced GIANT meals.

I ordered a Moroccan Spiced Lamb Salad which was supposed to come with spiced lamb fillet, roasted vegetables, cous cous, pistachios, mixed leaves and a citrus mayo. This salad was enormous and came with avocado, chickpeas and capsicum too (luckily I like all of these additions). At least a half a cup of pistachios,  a reasonable serving of lamb fillet, and the rest, were piled high in the bowl and I was lucky to get through half of it I suspect. Unfortunate to say, bigger isn’t always better, but it was good enough I guess. The coffee roast and execution left a little to be desired (for my tastes at least).


I will give them a massive thumbs up for service and ambiance though. One girl was taking care of the whole front of house, while we were there, and did an excellent job prioritising and socialising with the many customers. The colourful decor at Chaos is bound to put a smile on your face. Each chair had its own unique design, and the brightly coloured mosaic flooring added to this welcoming cafe’s theme.

Even though I felt the food and drink was just okay, I would encourage other locals to maybe go check it out. The price is right, the portions are generous, the people are friendly, and the decor vibrant.

Rear 194 Military Road,
Neutral Bay 2089
02 9953 8625

Monday to Friday: 7am till 4pm
Saturday to Sunday: 7am till 5pm

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